An infrastructure project manager is responsible for managing the project’s schedule and plan, ensuring it adheres as close to the project baseline in the case of linear infrastructure construction projects, Also there involves creating the plan and schedule, optimizing it for maximum output, mitigating variables and risks caused by both internal & external challenges, ensuring the plan stays updated and communicating project updates to stakeholders and field staff etc. The simplest answer is that the project manager’s job is to reduce risk, and one of the ways that can be done is by using a linear infrastructure project management tool,

They can work on, and work to resolve the manual maintenance of inventory and asset tracking information of both standard and custom home-grown business-critical applications. IT infrastructure managers help to organize projects related to computer network infrastructures and they are responsible for ensuring the project stays within the confines of the time restraints and allotted budget of the company. They can also develop the plans as expectations or goals change, while acting as a communicator between the IT team and supervisors.

An IT infrastructure management job is the project coordinator position for individuals with a background in computer network infrastructures. Infrastructure project manager are in charge of and responsible for overseeing the continual programming of IT services for a company or firm. In this position, we should maintain a positive and fluid alignment between business strategy and technology. They should also responsible for managing IT staff and overseeing budgets.

A standard IT infrastructureconsists of the following components such as Hardware including Servers, computers, data centers, switches, hubs and routers. Then the software including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), productivity applications.Network which includes network enablement, Internet connectivity, firewall and security and the Meatware. Here there includes the human users, such as network administrators (NA), developers, designers and generic end users with access to any IT appliance or service etc. They are also part of an IT infrastructure, specifically with the advent of user-centric IT service development. I.T infrastructure Project Manager manages projects related to all the infrastructure components data center consolidation, migration, colocation, moving existing apps to the cloud, adopting a cloud based solution for the company’s existing infrastructure to decrease cost, complexity etc taken as the workdone by them.