Trends in it technology

The technology trends of 2017 were big and impactful. Artificial intelligence (AI) topping the charts, along with on-demand workforce platforms and designing for the human experience. Technology is set to shift an even bigger focus on the internet of things (IoT), AI and machine learning in 2018. One of the main trend include Intelligent apps.

There are many social media channels these days, an increase in apps that will make it easy to repurpose content across multiple platforms. We have already seen many apps perfect the photo editing process with filters and sophisticated features in 2017 and now in 2018, video editing will become a lot easier through the phone, simplifying the process of creating advanced videos.

The internet of things can be found in almost any industry now here everything is becoming smart. Whether we’re in our car, at home, in the office or shopping, we’re likely interacting with smart technology. This trend will continue to become more pervasive in 2018 as the proven technology moves from popular segments, like the home, into other areas.

Artificial intelligence continues to be at the forefront of tech discussions, conferences, development now. There will be a major AI breakthrough in 2018 that could change how businesses evolve and interact with customers.

Machine learning has been getting into all technologies which is one of the main trend . Apple also launched machine learning for iOS apps and here all platforms are adding it to make life and software more intelligent and advanced. Machine learning will take over mindless, repetitive and time-consuming tasks and can make drivers better drivers, doctors better doctors and students better educated.

Influencer marketing has gotten so big in 2017. The ease with which companies can engage in influencer marketing, combined with its powerful network effects and viral nature, clearly come as the №1 in our mind. There are many tech trends on the rise, but the real game-changer for 2018 will be something unexpected that isn’t on our radar yet.Account-based marketing initiatives are going to get seriously sophisticated and this is not a new technique in terms of sales utilizing it. Now, with the degree of reach and targeting that businesses can narrow in on, we have a phenomenal opportunity to build technologies that serve these types of initiatives, especially for those that have long high-value sales cycles.

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