No one hit wonder here. Jonathan and Clint return to talk about working for yourself, Facebook etiquette in regards to dating, moving to a new city, what is a hipster, Apple’s new earbuds, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and the independent music, and much much more. In fact probably too much.

Tim Tebow SNL Skit
Jimmy Fallon Tebowie

What’s with the thicker necklaces…MLB
Medicine or Fashion Statement

NFL Breast Cancer Support

Hipster Owner’s Manual
Geek vs. Hipster
Evolution of the Hipster
Hipster essentials

John Roderick and Friends – starring Merlin Mann, John Hodgman, Scott Simpson and Jonathan Coulton

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s Deluxe Album video

Clint’s FB Headphone pic

Apple’s New Headphones

UPDATE 2012-10-18

The audio on the latest episode had some serious issues, so it has been adjusted. Having said that, there are still some audio things I’m not completely happy with, but it’s much better than before. I apologize about the audio quality. It will get better. Until then, thanks for listening! -Clint